Maeve Humphreys named 2015 Winner!

We are proud and honored to award Maeve Humphreys the 2015 Rick Salmastrelli Scholarship. After reading all about Maeve (in her application) we couldn’t wait to meet her in person. We were finally able to congratulate this star at the Lawrence High School Sports Banquet on Thursday, May 21st. Read on to learn all that we love about Maeve!

FullSizeRender (1)

Not only was our 2015 scholarship recipient a part of the varsity soccer and swimming programs all four years of high school, but she was also named captain of both teams her senior year. In addition to her amazing achievements in sports, Maeve excelled in her academics, accumulating a 4.3 GPA by the end of her high school career! Maeve will graduate in the top 15 of her class early next month!

If you wondered if Maeve had any free time outside of her sports and studies, shockingly she did, and she put that time into teaching and helping others. Maeve was a part of Peer Leadership, Model UN, and The Company, a local association under the umbrella organization THREADS focusing on empowering female students. It is clear to say that Maeve can motivate, listen, and lead in any situation!

In response to receiving this scholarship, Maeve stated:

“I just wanted to thank you (one last time) for awarding me with this amazing scholarship! I think it’s really special that your family gives back to the community in Rick’s honor, and is truly a testament to his character. I was so excited to be awarded this scholarship, considering Rick’s impactful legacy on not only LHS, but also his larger community as a whole. So once again, thank you so much! It is truly an honor. ”

No, Maeve, it is the honor of all of us!

This self described grounded and focused young adult will be attending University of Virginia this fall to take her leadership skills one step further into her college career! We are all excited to see what Ms. Humphreys has in store for us next! Congratulations, Maeve!

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