2013 Rick Salmastrelli Scholarship Recipient!

This past May, we were back at Lawrence High School to present the second annual I WILL WAIT FOR YOU: The Rick Salmastrelli Scholarship. This year we were honored to receive many submissions from applicants that were living by Rick’s team work and community minded mentality.  Although it was hard to select just one, we were proud to award the second annual Rick Salmastrelli Scholarship to Morgan Downs!


Morgan Downs is a multi-sport athlete at Lawrence High School that not only plays soccer and varsity lacrosse, but also varsity basketball.  She has dedicated a majority of her time and life thus far to sports and her teammates.  Morgan is an outgoing, loyal and warm-hearted person which spills over from the sports field into her daily life at school.  Morgan has experienced the tragic loss of her mother from cancer and even with that deep hurt and pain, she continues to be the leader and community builder that she always had been before the life changing event.  As one of her teacher’s states, “[Morgan] is a role model beyond words.” Morgan will be attending Alvernia University in the fall.

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